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Client Letters

The Child Advocacy Center offers “Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy” to all victims of child abuse. As therapy clients complete the therapy program, they often times will “sum” up their experience by telling us how our agency helped him or her become a survivor of child abuse. For the many victims of child abuse that do not tell of their abuse or are not able to participate in therapy, they are likely to experience any of the following:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Change in eating habits
  • Unexplained or frequent health problems
  • Poor self-esteem, avoidance of relationships
  • Premature drop-out of high school
  • Unwanted, unplanned pregnancies
  • Suicidal ideation, suicide attempts
  • Rebellion or withdrawal; runaway behavior
  • Self-mutilation
  • Drug and/or alcohol experimentation or abuse

Please help us help victims of child abuse avoid continued pain, loss and disappointment. Your support can help victims of child abuse recover from their abuse and begin the healing process. Like this letter from one of our therapy clients, recently having completed therapy with one of our clinicians. She has this to say……View Letter


“Kids First helped me when I when I just really needed someone to talk to. They made me feel very comfortable and welcome every time I went there. They taught me new ways to deal with emotional strain. I still use what they taught me today. They were very caring every time I came and made me feel like someone really cared and wanted to help. Dr. Mona was very easy to get along with and always talked with me about issues I wanted to talk about. She was very opened minded about everything I had to say. I would recommend them to everyone. They were great in every way.” View Letter

“They have helped me to realize that I can do and be whatever I want and that nothing is wrong with me because of the abuse. And Beth has really helped me realize that I can move on past this. And she has helped me to overcome this and get past it. And get some closure. And has helped me know how to get other people to understand how I feel and not just keep every thing bottled up inside!” View Letter

“Wow! This place, CAC, has been a huge help for me. Coming here every week, seeing Mona was awesome because I’d know that I’d work on something and come out feeling way better and learning something positive! I learned techniques to help me handle things and on calming down and being happy. Mona has been the best! I look forward to coming in and see/work with her. She’s so nice and understanding. She’s a wonderful and attentive listener and was very nonjudgmental! She’s very easy and fun to work with. Denise, at the front desk, is awesome too! She’s the best secretary ever! She always has a smile and is very nice to talk to. I’m going to miss you guys but I will always remember you guys and the center because of what you have helped me with! Also for being here for me and so many other children and adults. Thank you and I love you guys!” View Letter

“I am new to the program but I am very thankful to have such a place and people to turn to who has knowledge of the things I am going through and helps me feel I am not alone that at any given time I can call for support for me and my family!  God bless what you do for the children and families!” View Letter

“When I first came in, I was so depressed. I wasn’t even myself.  Therapy to me was just advice and how to handle my life.  It changed my mind once I started coming.  I was able to express whatever I was feeling, tell her how my day went.  And she was always able to help me.  I cried a few times just knowing that I had a friend who was there for me with advice.  Today I feel strong about myself.  I’m ready to climb a mountain and acheive my goals I have set for myself.”  View Letter

“K shares her feelings more often.  She is able to handle her anger without violence.  She understand that she didn’t do anything to deserve what  happened.  I see her getting along with other kids better then before CAC.  She seems to be more comfortable in her life.  Not as timid, speaks up for herself, volunteers instead of staying away from events.”  View Letter


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