???? From Darkness to Hope: A Child’s Journe????
Witness the transformation of a child’s experience before and after the creation of the
Kids First Child Advocacy Center in Tennessee’s Ninth Judicial District
(Roane, Megis, Loudon and Morgan counties).



???? From Darkness to Hope: A Child’s Journe????
???? Before: Abused children faced the agonizing ordeal of multiple interviews, causing additional trauma and distress.
????After: Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the District Attorney’s Office, the Department of Children’s Services, and law enforcement authorities, these innocent souls are shielded from further pain, undergoing just one supportive interview at the Child Advocacy Center in a child-friendly environment with at trauma trained Forensic Interviewer that is considered an expert in their field.
???? Not just a safe haven for interviews, but a nurturing space where both the child and their protective family members receive the ongoing support services they need to heal and rebuild together.
Join us in raising awareness about the incredible impact of the Kids First Child Advocacy Center! Together, we can give every child a brighter tomorrow. ????