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      Chick-fil-A in Lenoir City Supports the CAC!

On September 10th, 2017 Justin and Audry, along with twenty-three employees of Chick-fil-A, Lenoir City, selected the Child Advocacy Center of the 9th Judicial District to be its Community Service Project! Everyone showed up ready, willing and able to share their time and talents in support of child abuse victims. Chick-fil-A employees, and some family members, spent the afternoon cleaning and sanitizing our children’s playrooms, replacing lightbulbs and making other indoor repairs, cleaning and organizing our Kids Kloset, organizing our therapist’s closet of supplies, dusting furniture, pictures and baseboards, bringing boxes of out of date information down from the second floor and placing in the shredder box, weeding flower beds, cleaning chalkboards, organizing and hole-punching articles on child abuse, cleaning the outdoor furniture and a very special group of gentlemen edged, weeded and replaced the mulch in our Memorial Garden (with mulch they purchased) to honor the memory of Clifford Dotson and other child abuse victims.
It was truly my pleasure to meet each of you, to share the story of the Child Advocacy Center and the role we play in the lives of child abuse victims. Your acts of service demonstrate what it means to have a servant’s heart and to help those in need of kindness. You all rock…..Justin, Audry, Ryan, Jonathan M., Ray, Dana, Erin, Maddie, Ally, Amber, Matt, Lisa, Katie B., Ana, Claudia, Mayra, Hannah R., Jonathan T., Gage, Olivia, Hannah W., Dylan, Nathan, Katie W., Ethan J., Ethan D., Dan (Lisa’s husband) and Joe.

“Fireside Festival for the Children”

Image result for clip art, christmas treeTo thank the community for its support and to embrace the holiday spirit, The Venue at Lenoir City is introducing a “Fireside Festival for the Children” on Tuesday, December 12th, from 6:00-8:30 pm.  It is free and open to the public.  The event will feature festivities for all ages (and maybe even a special visitor from the North Pole!), as well as trees and other Christmas décor available for auction.  All proceeds will benefit the CAC.

To that end, The Venus is currently seeking members of the community to become involved through the purchase and decoration of trees for the auction.  Trees can be themed to represent the organization or company, or can be adorned in traditional Christmas décor.  Companies wishing to be involved, but not necessarily interested in providing a decorate tress, are welcome to donate a gift care to help us fashion special gift wreaths for the auction.  Please call 865-986-8340 or email for more information.




Kids First

Child Advocacy Center of the 9th Judicial District

Kids First Child Advocacy Center of the Ninth Judicial District serves children that have been identified by the Department of Children’s Services as having been severely physically and/or sexually abused.

In 2014-15 Kids First CAC provided services to 329 victims of child abuse. The over-whelming majority of the children were victims of sexual abuse with the average victim an 8 year old female. The belief is that most children are abused by strangers but statistically nothing could be farther from the truth. Most children know their offender. In 2014-15, 140 offenders were identified as a parent, step-parent other relative or a parent’s live-in paramour, and 69 offenders were known to their child victims (for some children there could be multiple offenders).

It is for this reason we deliver a school-based intervention/prevention program, Stop Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) to schools within the Ninth Judicial District. SCAN is a school-based program and is offered to children in kindergarten, first, third, fifth and seventh grades. The young children enjoy a puppet show while older grades enjoy a video/dvd and discussion about safety and boundaries. The program teaches children about safe and unsafe touches and who to tell if ever in a situation that makes the child uncomfortable or if someone asks the child to keep “secrets” about touches, movies, pictures, etc…

This fiscal year allowed us to serve 18 schools, 3,245 students through our SCAN Program. A second piece of our Outreach Program is our Teen Mom Education Program. This fiscal year we served 8 teen moms representing Loudon and Meigs Counties. We have been providing our SCAN Program and Teen Mom Education Program to schools for 6 years. The Teen Mom Education Program is a 14 week curriculum, school-based, designed to educate teen moms on child development, age-appropriate discipline, community resources, stress management and potty training. Based on the pre and post test scores, comprehension of child development is demonstrated by these young moms. The program encourages teen moms to graduate high school and is a support group as many of these moms feel isolated. So far, we have seen most of the teen moms we serve graduate high school, not give birth to a second, unplanned child, and there have been no referrals to the Department of Children’s Services for child abuse related to the Teen Moms having completed our program. Our therapy program offered 1,176 therapy sessions with most of the children and non-offending caregivers successfully meeting their therapy goals using Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Through grants obtained by Kids First Child Advocacy Center of the Ninth Judicial District and compliments of the Good Neighbors Shoppe of Lenoir City, we have been able to provide an annual district-wide training to our child abuse investigators, department of children’s services (CPS) caseworkers, the District Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Justice Officers and the staff of Kids First designed to improve communication among team members, heighten awareness of physical abuse, detect discrepancies among perpetrators, and to rejuvenate the team members that investigate, protect and prosecute offenders of children.



Kids First CAC has also recently begun using the nationally recognized prevention program “Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children” throughout the community.  Executive Director, Chris Evans-Longmire, is an authorized facilitator of the program which aims to increase awareness of child sexual abuse as well as change and encourage child protective behaviors.  The program, delivered in a 2.5 hour session includes videos and commentary by adult survivors and experts in the field as well as a discussion component.  Businesses, local organizations, schools, churches and individuals are encouraged to contact Chris at our office to schedule the presentation.  More information about the program can be found at the Darkness to Light website at  Help Kids First be proactive in their efforts to become Stewards of Children and work toward changes that will protect the children in our community from sexual abuse!


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